Instructions to Authors

The Journal of Flow Injection Analysis, an international journal of the Japanese Association for Flow Injection Analysis (JAFIA), publishes papers on any aspect of flow injection analysis. Papers are published in English or in Japanese. The manuscript should be prepared according to the instructions below.

Manuscript should be typewritten on one side of the paper only and start with (a) the title, (b) the name(s) of the author(s), (c) their affiliations, and (d) an abstract and keywords.

The title, the name(s) of the author(s) and their affiliations are typewritten and centered with a capital for the first of main word.
Authors and their affiliations should be indicated with numerals (1,2,3c) and the corresponding author with an asterisk (*) (if possible, an e-mail address should be typewritten in the footnotes).
After inserting a solid line, the abstract should be typed within 5-15 lines or less than 200 words. The point is 9.
A solid line should also be inserted following the abstract and keywords.
The text that consists of a two-column layout including all figures and tables with captions, should be typewritten with 9-point character.

The manuscript must be submitted in camera-ready form and it should be typewritten on good quality A4 paper in the appropriate form as in 'Form 1', 'Sample 1 and Sample 2'. The typing area of each page is about 17 cm width (a column 8.3 cm, space 0.4 cm) and 25 cm length.

Submit the original manuscript, together with one clear photocopy. After final acceptance, your electronic disk plus a revised manuscript as necessary should be submitted.

JAFIAbanner Toshihiko IMATO, Prof. Dr.
Department of Applied Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering, Kyushu University