Winners of 2014

FIA Award for Science

Jianhua WANG (Professor of Chemistry, Northeastern University)
"Advanced Flow Analysis Methodology for Sample Processing and Ultra-trace Analysis"
Aristidis ANTHEMIDIS (Associate Professor, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
"Scientific Contributions in the FI/SI-AAS Field ? Automation of Sample Preparation"

FIA Award for Younger Researchers

Petr CHOCHOLOUS (Assistant Professor, Charles University)
"Sequential Injection Chromatography ? Liquid Chromatography in Sequential Injection Analysis"
Akhmad SABARUDIN (Associate Professor, Brawijaya University)
"My Research Interest: Flow-based System for Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry"
Andrey Vasil'evich BULATOV 氏(Associate Professor, St.-Petersburg State University)
"Development and Application of Novel Flow Method ? Stepwise Injection Analysis"
Weena SIANGPROH (Assistant Professor, Srinakharinwirot University)
"Applications of Electrochemical Sensors for Flow-Based Systems"
Burkhard HORSTKOTTE (Charles University)
"In-Syringe Analysis with Magnetic Stirring"
Nuanlaor RATANAWIMARNWONG (Lecturer, Srinakharinwirot University)
"The Development of Flow Injection Analysis Incorporating Membraneless Separation of Volatile Compounds and Novel Designs of Vaporization Unit"

FIA Award for Technical Development

Global FIA(CEO; Dr. Don Olson, President; Dr. Graham Marshall, CTO; Dr. Duane Wolcott)
"Zone Fluidics for Integrated Sample Preparation and Analysis"

JFIA Selection Award 2014

K. Ponhong, T. Shimamura, K. Higuchi, T. Kashiwagi, K. Grudpan, S. Motomizu, and H. Ukeda
"Spectrophotometric Sequential Injection Analysis System for Estimating the Concentration of Lipid Hydroperoxides in Edible Oils"
J. Flow. Injection Anal., Vol. 31, No.1 (2014) 33-37.

JAFIAbanner Toshihiko IMATO, Prof. Dr.
Department of Applied Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering, Kyushu University